Room In Roof Insulation

What We Do


We can retrofit poorly insulated loft conversions and dormer windows to get them up to todays standard


We install high performace PIR Insulation in between the rafters with an additional air tightness layer of Superfoil over the top


We then fit battens, plasterboard and plaster the freshly boarded areas so it is ready to paint


All the residual loft sections are fully insulated with earthwool and an additional layer of breathable superfoil insulation is fit behind the stud walls

The benefits


Poorly insulated loft conversions are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer


Properly insulating these rooms will allow them to retain their heat in the winter and keep the warm air out in summer


While the installation process is quite intrusive, it gives you a good oppurtunity to redecorate fresh and we can even add additional plug sockets and eaves access.


The insulation we install will dramatically reduce your energy bills and transform your loft rooms into a comfortable and efficient part of your home all year round

our process

let us fix all your insulation troubles


Call or E-mail

Book a 45 minute survey to assess the suitability of your property


Review the quote

Review our quote, valid for three months and book installation date


The Execution

Our team will arrive on the arranged day to complete the work

Frequently asked questions

We don’t take any deposit upfront. We have seven-day payment terms from the completion of the work and you are 100% satisfied with the installation.

Room in roof insulation costs are highly dependent on the total area of the loft and the individual situation in your property. Rough costs are around £55-£95 per m2 of wall space.

All quotations are free, valid for three months and completely non-obligatory.

The thickness of PIR board we use is dependent on the depth of your rafters to allow for a 50mm air gap. This usually means the depth is 50mm-100mm. We then install a layer of Superfoil SF19 over the top to insulate the exposed rafters and provide a vapor barrier.

Loft insulation is the most cost effective energy saving measure you can install in your home and makes a huge difference to the heat loss in your property. This will allow your upstairs rooms to hold its heat for much longer once your heating goes off and prevent uncomfortably hot temperatures in summer.

Most Room In Roof jobs can be done in around 3 days.

Although rare, accidents can happen when working in dark and confined spaces. If anything like this does happen, you can rest assured that we will rectify the issue or pay for a professional to attend if required giving you complete peace of mind.

We would be happy to provide a discount for any supplied materials provided they are the correct product and in good condition.

The insulation has a lifetime of over 30 years

We provide you with a certificate showing the work has been done professionally as well as pictures of all the different areas that we have insulated. If you provide these to the surveyor doing your home report/EPC they will add the measures and this will improve your homes energy rating.

Our standard insulation will help with noise entering from below or outside your home but we do also install specific high performance soundproofing insulation in floors and ceilings if this is your main concern.

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