Underfloor insulation

What We Do


We install a variety of Underfloor Insulation products including Knauf Omnifit, Sisalwool, SteicoFlex Woodfibre and Rockwool.


We insulate between your floor joists to eliminate problem draughts and minimise heat loss


We can usually access the crawlspace from a small hatch to carry out the work from below the floor. We can also lift the floor and do the work from above.


We secure the materials with a support netting or breathable membrane in order to prevent any movement of the insulation over the long term.

The benefits


Prevents heat-loss through the floor


Helps to prevent uncomfortable temperatures during summer and winter


Reduces energy bills as well as carbon emissions


Improves your property’s EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate)


Eliminates cold draughts entering your home from the subfloor space


Prevents dust and insects entering your home through gaps around your skirting and floorboards.


Reduces external noise entering your home and dampens the sound from walking on exposed floorboards and hardwood flooring.


Prevents smells entering your home from your subfloor space.

our process

let us fix all your insulation troubles


Call or E-mail

Get in touch to book a free no obligation survey of your subfloor space to ascertain suitability. 

We will carry out moisture tests and a ventilation assessment as well as checking for any access issues.


Review the quote

We’ll be happy to answer any of your pre-installation queries and book a suitable installation date.

Our quotes are valid for three months allowing you plenty of time to make a decision.


The Installation

Our team will arrive promptly on the agreed date to complete the installation safely and efficiently.

We don’t take any upfront deposits and all work is paid for once you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Frequently asked questions

We don’t take any deposit upfront. We have seven-day payment terms from the completion of the work and you are 100% satisfied with the installation.

For eligible customers opting for government funding, we install floor insulation from £14 per m² and loft insulation from £10 per m²

All quotations are free, valid for three months and completely non-obligatory.

We use high quality Knauf Earthwool or Knauf Omnifit insulation to insulate floors.

Underfloor insulation completely eliminates problem draughts from your floors and allows your rooms to heat up quicker and hold their temperature for much longer once the heating goes off.

We can generally install up to 80m² of underfloor insulation per day. If your home has a tighter subfloor space or needs all the floorboards lifted to do the job then this can take an extra day or two. We will discuss the options and timescales with you at the time of your survey.

Although rare, accidents can happen when working in dark and confined spaces. If anything like this does happen, you can rest assured that we will rectify the issue or pay for a professional to attend if required giving you complete peace of mind.

We would be happy to provide a discount for any supplied materials provided they are the correct product and in good condition.

As long as the room can be cleared of furniture we are able to lift the entire floor to install your insulation and then reinstate the flooring.

Loft and underfloor insulation will last for at least 50 years if undisturbed.

We provide you with a certificate showing the work has been done professionally as well as pictures of all the different areas that we have insulated. If you provide these to the surveyor doing your home report/EPC they will add the measures and this will improve your homes energy rating.

Our standard insulation will help with noise entering from below or outside your home but we do also install specific high performance soundproofing insulation in floors and ceilings if this is your main concern.

Check if you are eligible for funding